Quran Kareem

Quran Kareem

Importance of Quran Kareem

Tabraani and Ibn Abbaas reported that Prophet Muhammad (Quran Kareem) said Verily, any person who does not have any Quran in his heart is like an empty house.

Among us, those who have never read Quran are very less. Everyday, we enter into it. Despite spending longer hours with those verses, many of us return empty handed. Had we sent down this Quran on a mountain, verily,thou wouldn’t have seen it humble itself and cleave asunder for the fear of God.

Quran Kareem is a great book by Allah towards last prophet Muhammad(PBUH). Prophet(Quran Kareem) is a model for all the people that how should we follow Holy Quran.

Someone asks from Hazrat Ayesha(RA) about the character of last prophet Muhammad(Quran Kareem) , she said Holy Quran is the Prophet(Quran Kareem) character, subhan Allah. It means whatever is in Holy Quran , you can see its working example in Holy Prophet Muhammad(Quran Kareem).

That is why at the moment of haj tul wida when he asked from people , did i convey you the Allah message, everybody answered no doubt you had done this, the Prophet Muhammad(Quran Kareem) then look above the sky and said O Allah you are the witness that these people are saying that i had conveyed your message to them. Subhan Allah.  Billions of  peace be upon him on the last prophet Muhammad(Quran Kareem). Ameen

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