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With everything coming online, why shouldn’t Quran tutoring too?

QuranEasy is an online platform, which offers Quran learning from home for adults and children by certified online Quran tutors. Our mission at Quran Easy is to incorporate the latest methods of teaching to provide our students with the most effective way of learning.

We take pride in our claim that we are amongst the best Quran online classes that only have adequate tutors and teaching methods but also work towards facilitating our students at our fullest. We provide our students with various discounts, free trials, a flexible schedule and an affordable fee structure.

At QuranEasy, we are working towards building a community that is benefitted with Quran teaching through an easy means of learning. We encourage people to join our online Quran classes and get access to easy Quran learning.

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Quran Courses

We provide a wide range of online Quran courses for our students to choose from as we understand that people need more help than just reciting the Quran.

Learn Quran Online

We provide you ideal learning environment to learn Quran online at home.

Online Quran Tutor

Quran easy offers Online Quran training classes where expert Quran instructors educate your youngsters.

Quran Recitation Course

The main objective of this course is to help learn Quran recitation online

Learn Quran With Tajweed

Quran Tajweed course is designed to help you and your kids to learn Tajweed rules from basic to advance.

Quran Memorization Course

Quran and memorize it (Hifz e Quran) by sitting at home and taking admission in it.

Why Quran Easy for Online Quran Classes?

With the recent progression, we see a lot of online Quran classes on the internet, but when it comes to learning the Quran, we should be really careful while choosing our options.

Here are some reasons why QuranEasy is one of the best Quran online classes available on the internet;

Easy Quran Learning from Home

We offer to convince to our students as we believe that conveniences stimulates the sound mind and allows individuals to have an effective learning session without any unnecessary hassle. Students can take classes online from anywhere and anytime.

Certified online Quran Tutors

One of our prime focuses is to hire tutors profound in the Quran who can teach effectively online; we prioritize merit over experience because we believe not every knowledgeable person can be a good teacher. We have strict criteria for hiring tutors as we aim to provide high-quality sessions so that students not only efficiently but effectively learn the Quran.

We want to keep our standards high, which is why we only hire certified Quran tutors to maintain the quality of our online Quran classes.

Wide range of courses

We offer a wide range of courses ranging from Quran teaching, tajweed and more. We firmly believe that reading the Quran fluently should not be the only focus, understanding the Quran is essential too, and that is what we focus at QuranEasy, a complete curriculum that covers all. We strive to teach the Quran and its value effectively.

Flexible Timings

We understand that at times it gets quite challenging to be on schedule especially in today’s world and going to a madarsa or having a Quran tutor over can be a bit challenging at times, that is why we offer a solution at QuranEasy.

Learning the Quran should not be a burden, and that is why we facilitate students by letting them schedule their online Quran classes according to their availability so that they learn the Quran more effectively at their convenience.

Individual Online Quran Sessions

Unlike in a madarsa, students may not be able to get the attention they require, some students have a fast learning pace, and some don’t, and it is unfair to cater them equally. That is why Quran Easy provides individuals Quran Sessions to students who want to learn at their own pace, convince and away from the distractions of other students.

Reviews Matter to Us

Students’ satisfaction is important to us, and we consider their feedback very seriously. We actively try to work around the suggestions to make our online Quran teaching even more useful.

The reviews from the students not only help us to improve our mode of delivery but also is a tool to analyze the performance of our tutors. Students matter to us, and we prioritize their learning that is why we are very particular about the reviews and work instantly on it.

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Here’s what happy parents had to say about our services:

Quran Easy School really helped my children to learning Quran Online Support and Learning environment is very good. Highly recommended!

Mrs Sophia Iqbal

Well equipped academy for Quran learning.
Quran Easy academy act as a bridge during this Covid pendamic and help on learning Quran Online for my kids.

Waqas Ali

A very informative place for learning quranic knowledge as well as Arabic language
Thumbs up for them

Aftab Durani

Delivering Quran Classes very well i am very happy from these managed Quran courses and classes for kids, Highly Recommended! Just stay at home and Learn Quran online and Islam

Shamim Azam

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