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About Surah Mulk

The Holy Quran is compiled in 114 surahs called chapters. All chapters of the Quran have specific blessings and benefits. One such blessed surah is the 67th surah of the Holy Quran, Surah Al-Mulk. Al-Mulk means “The Sovereignty” of Allah (SWT). It is a Makki surah in the 29th Para of the Quran consisting of 30 verses. This surah mainly focuses on affirming the Oneness (Tauheed) of Allah (SWT) and strengthening the faith of believers. This surah was known as Ma’ani (the preventive) in the times of Prophet Muhammad PBUH as it protects the believers from hellfire and Jahannum.

The message of Surah Mulk

The message of surah Mulk is the majesty, subtlety, and perfection of creation as a proposal to faith (Iman). This Surah teaches us that nothing is in our control. Mankind is so dependent on the lord who created life and death. Clearly, Allah has said if you obey him and his messenger you will enter Jannah otherwise hell fire awaits you. 30 verses tell us the whole life of mankind. The message of the Surah Mulk can be divided into four parts:

  • Signs for the fragility of life on this planet.
  • Reflects the Signs of rewards from Allah (SWT).
  • Invitation to witness and Signs of Allah in the subtlety and expanse of creation.
  • The discomfiture of those who reject the Signs and the inner peace of those who accept them.

 Benefits of Surah Mulk

This mortal world in which we live in the test for all of us. We spend our lives, our deeds are recorded and presented in front of Allah SWT on the day of judgment. The day where no one will care for another soul; when he will be answerable for his deeds. A light will come for us and it will be the light of the Quran. The reciter of the Quran will gain uncountable rewards. Reciting Surah Mulk has more benefits than you could believe. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Surah Mulk will be our Companion in the Grave
  • Surah Mulk defends the reciter and protects from the punishment of Allah.
  • Surah Mulk begging for our Forgiveness and mercy.
  • When a person reads Surah Mulk before sleeping at night time, an angel comes to protect the reciter as he is unable to protect himself.

Importance of Surah Mulk in the light of hadiths:

Allah and His Messenger PBUH have taught us the right ways to lead our lives and gain blessings. Walking on deen requires effort and strong Imaan which eventually leads us to achieve our goals, which is, attaining a place for ourselves in Jannah. For that matter, we need to worship Allah alone, stay away from sins and recite Quran regularly. Reciting Surah Mulk can become our savior as it protects us from the difficulties of this life and also the afterlife. It will argue for its reciter to have a place in Paradise until he is taken out of hell and placed in heaven. We can predict the importance of surah Mulk through the following hadiths:

  • narrated by Abd-Allaah ibn Mas’ood, Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Whoever reads Tabaarak allaahi bi yadihi’l-Mulk [i.e., Soorat al-Mulk] every night, Allah will protect him from the torment of the grave.”

  • Concerning the importance of Surah Al-Mulk, Abdullah Ibn-e-Abbas (رضي الله عنه) reported that the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said:

“I wish that this Surah (Al-Mulk) could be in the heart of every believer.”

  • The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) recommended reciting the surah Al-Mulk every night before going to bed because it prevents the punishment of the grave.
  • Anas Ibn-e-Malik reported that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

“A surah in the Quran disputes until its reader enters the Jannah.”

  • Imam Ahmad recorded from Abu Hurayrah that Muhammad said,

“Verily, there is a chapter in the Quran which contains thirty Ayat that will intercede on behalf of its reciter until he is forgiven.”

  • Hazrat Jaabir ibn Abdullah Ansari (Allah be pleased with him) mentioned that:

The beloved Holy Prophet PBUH, his family, and companions, never slept without reciting Surah Alif Laam Meem Tanzeel (Surah Sajdah) and Surah Tabaarak (Surah Al-Mulk).” 

(At-Tirmidhi, Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal)

Steps for Gaining the Blessings of Surah Mulk

As we discussed the amazing benefits of Surah Mulk, we cannot just neglect and let these blessings and virtues pass us. Here are some easy action steps that you can take to avail the blessings of surah Mulk:

  1. Memorize Surah Mulk

Every Muslim should memorize his surah due to its immense benefits in this world and hereafter. By doing this your Taqwa in Allah will increase and Iman will be strengthened. InshaAllah. The Surah Mulk has only 30 verses. If you memorize one ayah a day, you can memorize this precious and blessed surah in just 1 month!

  1. Read Surah Mulk Every Day

Make it a habit to memorize surah Mulk by heart, either after Fajr or before bedtime. Do wudu, take your Quran and recite Surah Mulk. If you can do this every day, you will be inviting the grace of Allah and you have a good chance of being freed from his punishment.

  1. Understand the Meanings

It is necessary to understand the meaning of surah Mulk. We cannot understand its message until we read it with its meaning in simple words. Try to recite and understand the meaning of each verse of Surah Al Mulk. You can also read Tafseer of Surah Al Mulk.

Perfect time to read surah Mulk

Prophet Muhammad PBUH has guided us with his actions and sayings. He has advised us to read different surahs on particular occasions and times. There are certain days and times when a Muslim is advised to read some surahs that help him gain uncountable rewards and protect them. Similarly, Surah Mulk which is said to save its reciter from the torment of the grave should be read at night after Isha, before going to bed.

The grave will be the eternal home for a Muslim’s body. The darkness will hover over him from every side and loneliness will be his only companion. He will be questioned in his grave about the life that he had spent in Dunya and if he fails, the punishment of the grave will await him. But the followers of the Quran and Sunnah will find a ray of light inside their graves. The reciter of the Blessed Surah Mulk will be able to keep himself away from the darkness and torture of the grave. The surah will provide him with a shade from all sorts of torments and loneliness. Therefore, the Muslims are advised to read the Blessed Surah at night with their heart.

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