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Hifz Quran online for adults & children

Nowadays, technology is progressing in the teaching profession. Learning Quran is an interactive teaching method for a teacher and a student. Understanding the significance of web-based learning, Quran easy offers Online Quran training classes where expert Quran instructors educate your youngsters.

Quran Easy provides an opportunity for individuals to learn Quran with ease with their certified Quran tutor online. For every Quran course, a different tutor is assigned.

All the Quran teachers are experts in their respective fields, making our Quran teaching method adequate for the students at our Quran academy.

Having long stretches of involvement and participation in the field has made them specialists in online tutoring. We offer an assortment of courses for you to go through. Recruit our online Quran tutors to learn Quran while being at home.

We abide by strict rules in the selection of our tutors because it is never teaching only. Tutors are supposed to act as the spiritual mentors of the students. Hence, it is crucial to find someone with the appropriate skills and vision. Here at Learn Quran Online, we ensure that.

Based on expertise and experience, we take pride in saying that our courses are most beneficial and most convenient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We doubt that you would want to change your tutor because our tutors are the best of the best, but in case you are really displeased, we can replace the tutor for your convenience. No issues!

Yes, QuranEasy provides this facility to their students to set their schedule according to their convenience. We have a large faculty and decent working hours, that is why we offer flexibility in timings and accommodate students with ease.

We offer a week-long trial period to our students to get familiar with our way of teaching and the tutor assigned.

We offer a wide variety of Quran related courses online that includes; Memorization of Quran, Recitation of Quran, Tajweed, and Recitation of Quran. Please go to our courses to gather further information regarding our preferred course.

We provide multiple discounts upon admissions as we strive to make online Quran learning accessible to all. For further details regarding discounts, please contact us.

QuranEasy is a platform for Online Quran Teaching, which can be accessible by anyone, anywhere.

How To Get Registered with Quran Tutor?

Getting enrolled at Quran easy is really effortless. We have made this process of taking online admission quite simple. First, you need to set an appointment with us. You may either fill in the form on our contact us page or directly call us (@Your number).

Our customer chat support agent is available 24/7 to assist you and answer all of your queries within a short period. We also offer a free week of trial classes so that you can fully be satisfied with our teachers.

How Can I Attend Online Quran Classes at Quran Easy?

You do not need to have any particular kind of heavy software on your laptop or mobile. All you need to have a laptop with a suitable internet connection and skype installed in your system. And you can attend your online class via skype video call with your Quran tutor.

Why Should I Choose Online Quran Learning Instead of a Madrasa?

Getting enrolled at Quran easy is very simple. You don’t need to go through a complex registration process and unnecessary formalities. All you need to do is set an appointment with us by filling up the form on our contact us page.

Or you can also call us directly to get all the necessary details and register yourself. Our agent is available 24/7 to assist you.

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