The 72nd chapter of the Quran, Al-Jinn (Arabic: ‘ الجن‘) contains 28 verses. The Demon Race is a race of spiritual entities that are invisible to the naked human eye. Jinns (Demons) are created from smokeless fire, whereas humans are from earth, according to the Quran. Like a human being, Jinn will be questioned from the deeds which they have done in this life and hereafter on the Day of Judgment.

When did Surah Al-Jinn reveal?

Numerous renowned Muslim scholars and commentators have interpreted the revelation of surah jinn in many different ways. According to Abdullah bin Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him), surah Al-Jinn revealed on the Prophet Muhammad SAW while visiting the fair of Ukaz with his companions. Verses of surah al-jinn were revealed to him (PBUH) while he and his companions were reciting Fajar’s prayer together.

Some prominent scholars believe that Muhammad SAW visited Taif, which is located less than a mile from the holy city of Makkah. They saw some smoke there and this surah was revealed at that time. This surah was revealed more than three years before the Hijrah. There is no credible evidence to support this claim.

Benefits and importance of Surah al-Jinn:

Quranic guidance and success are attributed to various Hadith. Therefore, our sole focus should be on worshipping Allah, and we should not be a part of anything else. The significance of the Surah Jinn in Islamic history is also revealed. There are the following benefits of reciting Surah al-Jinn:

  • Narrated from Imam Bakir (RA) that Surah jinn provides protection from Jin, and the reciter will be in company with the Holy Prophet (SAW) on the Day of Resurrection.
  • The verses of Surah al-Jinn offer protection from the wrongdoings of other people.
  • If Surah Al-Jinn is continuously recited by prisoners, they will get an early release from jails. 
  • The person who is facing poverty, should have complete faith in Almighty Allah and recite surah al-jinn, do not go hungry or suffer from poverty.
  • Your wealth and safety will be secure by keeping Surah Al-Jinn Taweez with you.
  • If you recite Surah Al-Jinn regularly, Allah’s blessings will help you pay back your debts.
  • It is narrated from Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) that

“Many Jinn and Devils who believe and disbelieve in Muhammad (SAW) will be freed from slavery by reading Suratul Jinn.”

(Tafsir-Majma` Al-Bayan, 10/365)

  • Allama AlamFaqri (رحمه الله‎)  write  in (MajmooaWazaif p145) that

“A powerful antidote to evil spirits is the Surah Al-Jinn.”

  • Sayyid Mustafa Musawi  رحمهالله‎ writes in Fawaid-e-Qur’an the benfits of surah Al-Jinn as:

(i) An unjust person’s evil actions are treated by the Surah Al-Jinn.

(ii) Prisoners who recite Surah Al-Jinn in exchange for early release are granted.

(iii) Reciting Surah Al-Jinn correctly will ensure poor people that they are never hungry or poor.

(iv) Keeping Surah Al-Jinn with you at all times will protect you from the Jinn, help you win in a debate or conflict, and keep your valuables safe. Debt repayment is also straightforward.

  • Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (رحمهالله) writes in Remedies from the Quran p95 that:

Surah al-jinn is very effective for fighting against evil deeds of wicked spirits and shayateen.

What occurs when you recite Surah Jinn repeatedly?

We are shielded from the world’s evils by the Surah Jinn. Hadith attributes to Recitation of Surah Jinn that it protects from the evil deeds of Jinn. The evil deeds are also aided by the Jinn. In addition, they can deceive humans, but they lack the power to rule. Therefore for protection against evil deeds and their effect, we should recite surah Jinn repeatedly.

Lesson of Surah Al-Jinn:

There are the following lessons described in Surah Al-jinn:

  • The Jinn was also surprised after listening to the Qur’ān, and as a result, accepted Islam.
  • The Jinn would make a clue to the heavens, and listen to conversations between the angels. They would then pass this information on to their divinely inspired friends on earth. When the Qur’ān was revealed, the methods used by the Jinn were strictly guarded, and anyone who tried to obey would be punished. 
  • Talking about Allah requires extreme respect and caution.
  • If people remained steadfast in the right path, Allah would bless them in this earthly life.
  • Anyone who turns away from the remembrance of Allah will be severely punished by Allah.
  • The Masājid belongs to Allah alone; no one should be worshiped in the Masjid except Him.
  • Even the Prophet (PBUH) had no power to harm or give anyone guidance, except the Will of Allah.
  • Whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, will be sentenced to the Fire of Hell, where he will spend eternity.
  • Allah is the Knower of the unseen; He makes no one with His knowledge except the One He desires among the messengers while guarding the revelation that it may not be disturbed.
  • Allah has full knowledge of everything, down to the exact numbers



Surah Al-Jinn is a well-known chapter in the Quran. It is the 72nd number surah containing 28 verses. Satan’s evils and deeds can be protected by reciting the Surah Jinn repeatedly. Though it isn’t required, we should still learn about it. Online we can memorize this surah very easily. It is better to use Wazifa from Surah Jinn for a wide range of purposes.