In today’s day and era, when everything is done with a click, you can learn the Quran word by word online.  Quran Easy academy is a brilliant online platform that helps children and adults learn the Quran with the ease of sitting in their homes by certified professionals.  You can learn to read Quran at Quran Easy through the latest teaching methods to make learning effective and easy.

Quran Easy is a platform that provides an easy way to learn to read Quran through online classes. These online Quran classes will have some of the best Quran tutors who teach the Quran with easy methods. Our Quran Academy also aims to accommodate the students to the fullest by scheduling the cases according to their time of choice.

Quran Easy makes sure that the teaching process is interactive and effective. Our Quran Academy has tutors who have been teaching for a long time and hence know the significance of teaching the Quran and are experts in what they do. These tutors make the online Quran classes thorough and accessible.  You can quickly get started on Quran Easy with the help of these steps:

Three Easy Steps to get started on Quran Easy Academy

Quran Easy Academy is a Quran Academy that provides Learn quran online classes.  One of the advantages of Quran Easy is that you can quickly get started without any hassle. Follow these steps and begin your online Quran learning journey.

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is to open the Quran Easy website link here.  Once you are on the website, you can begin by skimming through the website and learn about our  online Quran Academy.

Step 2

You can sign for free one-week trial Quran classes before you sign up for any of the courses.  For that, all you have to do is fill out the form that requires your name, email, telephone number, and country that you currently reside in. Then request a call. One of our employees will call you shortly after and discuss the details of the trial classes.

Step 3

Once you are completely satisfied with the free trial and want to pursue the online Quran classes, you can now register for one of the courses.  For that, click on the join now on Quran Easy website and fill out the details.  You will have to enter your name, email, telephone number, city and country of residence, and a message regarding course registration.

For further details, you can contact the Quran Easy employees through the email address or phone number mentioned on the website.  You can also chat with a consultant who is 24/7 available on the website and will answer your queries shortly.

Quran Easy has a variety of courses for you to choose from.  Below listed are some of the courses that you can find on Quran Easy.

Courses Available at Quran Easy Academy

Our online Quran classes range from Quran Tajweed, Quran translation, Quran memorization, and the basic learn Quran online course.  These courses will help you learn the Quran in a range of ways with the help of our learned tutors.  Here is a description of the course that you can register for:

Quran Tajweed

To learn the Quran word to word, you must know its Tajweed.  The Tajweed of the Quran means the rules governing how the Quran words while reciting them.  This course allows the students to learn the proper Arabic dialect to recite Quran and to teach the proper pronunciation of the Holy words.

The students will learn the practical and theoretical perspectives of the rules of Tajweed. The tutors in the online Quran classes will focus on pronunciations, syllable timings, pauses, breaks, and much more.

Quran Translation

Learning the meaning of the Holy Quran is just as important as reciting it. In our Quran Academy, we not only focus on the recitation of the Quran, but also its understanding. This Quran translation course helps the student understand Quran in their native languages.

Besides learning the Quran online with their native translation and interpretation, students can also decode the meaning themselves. By the end of the translation course, the students will be able to interpret the stanzas of the Quran in their language, giving them a better understanding of the Holy Book.

Quran Memorization

In our Quran Memorization course, our expert tutors help students learn Quran word by word with ease with the help of their adequate methods.

This course focuses on memorizing the Quran for students who want to be Huffaz. Memorizing Quran is a work of responsibility and utmost honor; our tutors make sure that the students in this course have the best experience. The teachers have years of experience and are good at what they do.

Basic Quran Online Course

This online Quran course provides an easy way to learn to read Quran for both children and adults.  Our tutors offer the best guidance and learning. The significant advantage of this course is for beginners as this course is primarily focused on the basics of Quranic learning.

Other than the online Quran classes, this course also includes stories about the prophets, how to perform ablution, Salah, small daily surahs, and Kalimahs.

The course begins by introducing Arabic alphabets and then gradually moving to words and verses. The pace of the class is slow and easy since it’s for beginners.

Quran Easy is an online Quran Academy that believes in enlightening its students with the knowledge of the Quran in the best ways possible.  Below are some reasons why  Quran Easy for online Quran classes is your best option:

Why should you choose Quran Easy?

  • The courses are very convenient as you can take your classes from your home at any time. You have the choice of deciding what time you want to choose for your class.
  • We have some of the best Quran tutors. Our tutors are highly professional and certified. Our tutors are selected through a strict process, and we make sure that only the best people are hired.
  • We have a wide range of courses as listed above. These will help in learning Quran online in several ways.
  • Our Quran Academy provides individual sessions as we believe that students learn better when the tutors’ focus is on them. The one-on-one session also helps students clarify any queries they might not solve in a traditional madrassa setting.

If you are looking forward to a Quran Academy that teaches online Quran classes, then Quran Easy is undoubtedly your best choice. We have not only the best tutors but also diverse courses that aim to benefit our students.